Mantis-Plugin: Freemind Export and Browser

I’ve updated the freemind export extension to use to new mantis plugin system. This extension

  • allows you to export an issue list as a Freemind mind map
  • includes the Freemind Flash browser component, so that the list of issues can be viewed directly in your browser as a mindmap.
  • Most of the issue attributes are converted: issue status (as icon), description, reporter, handler, related issues, file attachements.
  • Child issues are exported as sub nodes. (Each issue is only exported once in case of multiple parents).


Installation: Extract the zipped files into the “plugins” directory of your mantis
installation and use the Manage-Plugins page to install and configure.

Looking forward to your feedback!

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2 Responses to Mantis-Plugin: Freemind Export and Browser

  1. tiliarou says:

    Thanks for your plugin !
    I can’t access the mindmap, it displays an empty purple page.
    When I try to export many issues (full page, so 50 issues), the .mm generated file is empty in freemind 0.8.1

  2. tiliarou says:

    I forgot something !
    I’m using Mantis 1.2.4, no modifications of source php files.
    In earlier version of the freemind plugin, there was a CSV export. Could you add it to your plugin or is it too much work ?
    Thanks in advance.

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